How body weight influences the risk of Covid-19

Just in time for World Obesity Day, the World Obesity Association published a comprehensive report – for a very topical occasion. The extensive paper deals with the connection between corona disease and obesity.

On the one hand, obesity is a disease in itself, but it also affects the risks for numerous other diseases, including Covid-19. The figures in the report make this very clear: In countries where less than half of adults are considered overweight, the risk of dying from Covid-19 is only a tenth as high as in countries where more than half of adults are considered overweight.

Treatments necessary

According to the report, 2.2 million of the total of around 2.5 million corona deaths worldwide (as of the end of February 2021) live in countries in which more than half of adults are classified as overweight.

In addition, the results of the study also show that the “overweight” factor – in addition to other aspects such as age – also necessitates medical treatment for those suffering from corona.

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