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COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for pregnant women

In a recent study, researchers from the University of Montreal have examined the risks of COVID-19 during pregnancy. Accordingly, symptomatic illnesses from COVID-19 significantly increase the risk of preeclampsia (pregnancy poisoning), premature birth and other pregnancy complications.

In its meta-analysis, the research team led by Nathalie Auger from the University of Montreal comes to the conclusion that COVID-19 in pregnant women can have dangerous consequences for mother and child. The risk of complications increases with the severity of the disease. The corresponding study results were published in the “Canadian Medical Association Journal”.

Increased risk of pregnancy poisoning

For the meta-analysis, the researchers evaluated 42 observational studies with a total of 438,548 pregnant women (among them 7,569 SARS-CoV-2 infected). It was shown that with an existing infection – symptomatic or asymptomatic – the risk of preeclampsia was increased by 33 percent. The probability of premature births and stillbirths was also increased among those infected with COVID-19.

Other pregnancy complications are possible

If the pregnant women developed COVID-19 symptoms or even showed a severe course of the disease, a much more drastic increase in the risks could be ascertained. And with severe COVID-19 courses, more complications such as gestational diabetes or a low birth weight were also found. In addition, the children had to be treated more frequently in an intensive care unit after the birth.

Risk underestimated at first

Initially, the dangers for mother and child were classified as rather low, “because most pregnant women, due to their young age, do not yet have any risk factors that indicate a severe course of infection with SARS-CoV-2,” reports the German Medical Journal in a contribution to the current study results. However, this view has since changed.

Impaired function of the placenta

The exact relationships are still unclear, but the dysfunction of the endothelium, which often occurs in severe COVID-19 courses, also leads to impairment of the function of the placenta. The viruses attack the vascular system and if the placenta is involved, preeclampsia threatens with dangerous consequences for mother and child. (fp)

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