LEDVANCE UVC-HEPA air purifier fights viruses on the go

Garching: Mobile device with HEPA filter and UVC LEDs cleans the air of COVID-19 viruses and bacteria

With the UVC-HEPA air purifier, LEDVANCE is bringing a mobile, sustainable, space-saving and environmentally friendly UVC air purifier onto the market that removes up to 99.9 percent of viruses (including SARS-CoV-2: Covid19) and bacteria with UVC radiation eliminated. In addition, it cleans the air of pollen, micro-dust, odors and cigarette smoke and thus ensures a healthier living environment. With a height of only 16 centimeters, the USB-powered air purifier is small and light, which is why it can be taken anywhere to safely remove pollutants from the air on the go, be it in schools, offices and restaurants, at home on the desk or in the kitchen and even in a taxi. The white LEDVANCE UVC-HEPA air purifier is available from LEDVANCE for 69.95 euros in the online shop (https://shop.ledvance.com/products/ledvance-uvc-hepa-air-purifier-usb?variant=38539259936949) . Replacement HEPA filters are available separately.

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Three steps to a healthier environment

The air purifier uses a three-stage disinfection to reduce the risk of infection: First, the H13 HEPA filter prevents aerosol particles from penetrating. The HEPA filter is then disinfected by VIOLED UVC LEDs. And finally, the VIOLED UVC LEDs also disinfect the remaining air in the device. Since the air purifier is free of chemicals and does not contain mercury lamps, it can also be used in the vicinity of newborns and pregnant women. In addition, it does not emit any UVC radiation to the outside, so it can be used safely. The device is supplied with power via a USB cable and is characterized by its quiet operating noise. Users can choose between three speeds for the air cleaning function: low, medium and high.

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