Regular activity prevents bone loss in diabetes

The early spring weather invites you to go for walks in the fresh air. People with diabetes in particular should take advantage of this. Because they particularly benefit from the combination of sun and exercise.

Regular exercise is especially important for people with diabetes. You should take advantage of the mild temperatures to be active outside, experts advise. Diabetes mellitus can promote osteoporosis and thus accelerate bone breakdown, which increases the likelihood of bone fractures in the event of falls.

This risk increases with age. An increased risk arises, for example, when people with diabetes move little and also have an “unstable metabolism with high glucose levels”, as the diabetologist Thomas Haak explains.

Filling up vitamin D stores

Vitamin D deficiency can be another cause of accelerated bone loss. Because the body primarily produces vitamin D itself – with sunlight through the skin – the advice is: Use the pleasant weather to go for a walk in the fresh air. This promotes vitamin D formation and bone stability, says Haak.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the body’s own vitamin D production through the skin is possible from around March to October. This depends on the intensity of the UV-B radiation required for this.

From spring, the vitamin D stores in the body can be replenished that have been used up over the winter months.

Sea fish, eggs and vegetables on the table

In addition, you should pay attention to your diet: Sea fish is considered rich in vitamin D. Eggs, mushrooms or offal such as liver also contain it. Calcium is also important for the bones – it is found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, as well as dairy and soy products.

If a doctor finds a vitamin D deficiency, he can prescribe special vitamin supplements. According to consumer advocates, those who take high-dose vitamin D supplements over a long period of time without medical consultation run the risk of damage to their health.

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