Study: Coronavirus can also affect the pancreas | 02/03/21

ULM (dpa-AFX) – Researchers at the Ulm University Hospital have shown in a study that the pancreas can also be attacked with Covid 19 disease. The authors of the study found that in “serious disease courses” the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas are infected, as a spokeswoman for Ulm University announced on Wednesday. The study was published in the journal “Nature Metabolism”.

According to the authors, the findings of the study could possibly also be an explanation for the occurrence of diabetes-like symptoms in Covid-19 patients and for the deterioration of the sugar metabolism in diabetics with Covid-19.

Also in the journal “Nature Metabolism”, researchers from Kiel University had previously reported on the individual case of a 19-year-old who had diabetes after a corona infection.

In patients with Covid 19 disease, there are always courses in which the regulation of the blood sugar level is disrupted, said study author Martin Wagner, senior physician at the University Hospital Ulm. In order to investigate how this happens, the researchers in Ulm brought tissue from the pancreas into contact with Sars-Cov-2 viruses and found out that they can be infected with the coronavirus. In addition, deceased Covid patients were examined. It was shown that even when virus proteins were no longer to be found in the lungs, they could still be detected in the pancreas. This was the case with different lengths of the disease, it said. This indicates that infections with the coronavirus are more frequent and persistent than previously assumed./ses/DP/fba


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