The best contactless fever meter in the forehead thermometer test

Only a few seconds and the result is there: clinical thermometers, with which the temperature can easily be measured on the forehead, are not only super practical in everyday life with small children. In our forehead thermometer test, we recommend the best models. And tell you whether you can really rely on the measurement result.

A runny nose, nasty cough, purulent tonsils are symptoms of the disease that can be seen relatively easily and with the naked eye. In order to know for sure whether you have a fever, however, you need aids. Therefore, a clinical thermometer should be available in every household, especially one with a child.

Especially in Corona times, it is important to be able to quickly and easily check whether the body temperature is increased in order not to endanger yourself and others. A contactless forehead thermometer is particularly practical for this.

Unfortunately, there is no current clinical thermometer test by the renowned consumer protection organizations. The last time Stiftung Warentest carried out a detailed investigation was in 2008. The Öko-Test check is from 2017, but some of the best rated forehead thermometers are no longer easy to come by. There is one exception, and of course we will introduce it to you.

We also took a closer look at the bestsellers at the online giant Amazon in this area and show you the best-rated models in more detail.

Sanitas Multifunktions-Thermometer SFT 65 Femometer Stirnthermometer Ankovo ​​forehead and ear thermometers LPOW clinical thermometer Hylogy multifunction infrared thermometer
Storage spaces 10 10 35 50 20
Colored warning system and and and and and
Automatic switch-off and No after 10 seconds No after 30 seconds
Stummmodus No No and and and
Medium price about 65 € (currently on sale for 25 €) that. € 30 around € 30 about 25 € around € 20
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1. Sanitas Multifunktions-Thermometer SFT 65

Came “very good” in Ökotest: the Sanitas multifunction thermometer SFT 65. Image source: Manufacturer

This is the clinical thermometer that performed extremely well in Öko-Test’s big clinical thermometer test in 2017 and that is still available: The “Sanitas SFT 65 Multifunktions-Thermometer” scored at least “good” in all categories and “very good” in the overall rating.

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Sanitas SFT 65 Multifunktions-Thermometer

Sanitas SFT 65 Multifunktions-Thermometer

With this thermometer, the temperature is measured either on the forehead or in the ear and it immediately shows the results on the illuminated display. The device can also measure the surface temperature of liquids or objects. The measurement accuracy when measuring on the forehead is specified as ± 0.3 ° C.

Colored LEDs sound an alarm when the temperature is increased. The automatic switch-off ensures a long battery life. If the AAA batteries (included in the scope of delivery) run out, the battery change indicator will inform you in good time.

The forehead thermometer from Sanitas is also doing well with Amazon customers: it is currently (as of February 2021) rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. For example, a buyer writes: “The device appears valuable, feels good in the hand and is accurate.”

2. Femometer Stirnthermometer

The femometer forehead thermometer is the best seller on Amazon. Image source: manufacturer

The “2 in 1 infrared thermometer” from Femometer not only measures body temperature, but also room and object temperatures. After the temperature measurement, different temperature levels are displayed in three colors on the large LCD screen: green means normal body temperature, orange means a slight fever and red means a high fever.

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Fever thermometer contactless infrared forehead thermometer

Fever thermometer contactless infrared forehead thermometer

The result is displayed in just one second; the manufacturer states the accuracy to be ± 0.5ºC.

Amazon customers are very satisfied with the thermometer: They currently rate it with 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 6000 reviews. Most buyers also rate the measurement accuracy as good. One writes: “I compared / tested it with a normal rectal thermometer and another forehead thermometer and all 3 devices gave me almost the same value (minimal difference at 0.1-0.2 degrees).”

3. Ankovo ​​forehead and ear thermometers

Popular model on Amazon: the forehead thermometer from Ankovo. Image source: manufacturer

The Ankovo ​​infrared thermometer has a large backlit LCD screen so that the value can be easily read at night. Well thought-out: the device can be set to a silent mode so that the child does not wake up while sleeping while checking the temperature.

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Fever Thermometer Infrared Digital Contactless Thermometer Ear and Forehead Thermometer

Fever thermometer Infrared digital contactless thermometer Ear and forehead thermometer

This combined ear and forehead thermometer in the test also has three colors to show different temperature ranges. It automatically turns itself off after ten seconds when not in use, which saves energy.

The thermometer can turn itself off if it is not used for 10 seconds, which saves you energy. In clinical repeat tests, the measurement accuracy was ± 0.4 ℃ (ear or forehead).

With 4.2 out of 5 stars, this model is also rated well on Amazon. A total of over 13,000 buyers have already given their opinion. One of them writes, for example: “Works as it should, no deviation even after several measurements in a row. Super fast measurement, on forehead and ear.”

4. LPOW clinical thermometer contactless

Stores 50 measurements: the forehead thermometer from LPOW. Image source: manufacturer

Thanks to the modern infrared technology of the Forehead thermometers from LPOW the temperature can be measured at a distance of 1 to 5 cm. This device also has a three-color alarm function: if the temperature is above the normal range, the large LCD display lights up yellow or red.

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Fever thermometer contactless, digital infrared thermometer

Medical thermometer contactless, digital infrared thermometer

Other useful functions: silent mode, measurement with just one button, switch between body and surface mode.

The Ankovo ​​thermometer is the model in our forehead thermometer test that scores best among Amazon users: It is currently rated 4.6 out of 5 stars (over 9,000 reviews in total). One buyer is enthusiastic: “The device is really worth its price. Very simple operation with various setting options. The display is easy to read and the graduated color variants also indicate a temperature warning.”

5. Hylogy multifunction infrared thermometer

Has a 4-in-1 function: the infrared thermometer from Hylogy. Image source: manufacturer

At just under 20 € it is the cheapest thermometer in our forehead thermometer test: that Hylogy infrared thermometer. It can be used in ear mode (only for children over three months), forehead mode (for all people), object mode (baby bottle, bath water, food) and room temperature mode (ambient temperature).

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HYLOGY clinical thermometer, multifunction infrared thermometer

HYLOGY clinical thermometer, multifunction infrared thermometer

The result can be read on the large LCD display in just one second. This lights up red when a high temperature is detected. Just as practical: the mute mode, the 20 memory locations for comparing measured values ​​and the automatic switch-off after 30 seconds.

The device currently scores 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 1,500 reviews from Amazon buyers. One said: “Fully functional, has everything you need. The numbers are very large, so easy to read, it measures the temperature very quickly.”

Unlike the widespread and relatively inexpensive digital contact thermometers that have to be inserted into the mouth or bottom to measure, infrared thermometers, which include the forehead thermometer in addition to the ear thermometer, do not need direct contact to determine the temperature.

The clinical thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitted by the body and uses this to determine the temperature. So it usually does not indicate the temperature of the measured point, but also takes the ambient temperature into account. Some models work in such a way that they also provide a value for a part of the body other than the one directly measured, for example a reference value in the mouth.

Mom in danger

On the forehead, in the ear, in the mouth, under the arm or rectally? There are now many ways to check whether you or the child have a fever. But which variant is the most accurate? A study by the Peter Lougheed Center in Calgary shows: The most exact method is still the good old measurement with a conventional contact thermometer in the bottom. Because this is where you come closest to the core body temperature. In addition, there is no interference.

Unfortunately, this type of measurement is often not very popular with children and is inconvenient for parents. Fortunately, non-contact forehead thermometers are now also quite good. In comparison, they are often about 0.4 degrees below the rectal measurement, but knowing that, you can take that into account. Often it is only about an assessment: does my child really have a fever? Or does it just feel hot because, for example, it was sleeping or raging wildly?

If you really need to know exactly, in the worst-case scenario you can still use the classic clinical thermometer to check it afterwards.

You can find a detailed comparison of the measurement variants here:

  • very easy to use
  • no removal and insertion necessary
  • goes lightning fast
  • also works on the go
  • Temperature can also be checked on a sleeping child

  • hygienic and clean

As I said: The measurement with a forehead thermometer is very easy and you can hardly go wrong. However, the person who is measured for a fever should not come out of the cold or be extremely hot, for example through movement. This could falsify the measurement results, as could hair covering the forehead.

We have also taken a close look at ear thermometers for you. Here you can find the result of our test:

Clinical thermometer

Picture quiz: parents recognize these details immediately. You also?

Picture quiz: parents recognize these details immediately.  You also?

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