Too much coffee causes cardiovascular disease

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The world’s first genetic test confirms that more than six cups a day are harmful

Coffee beans: quantity is crucial (Photo:, Remains Healthy)

Adelaide (pte001 / 02/19/2021 / 06: 00) – Long-term, heavy coffee consumption increases the amount of lipids in the blood and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is crucial that this interaction is positive and dependent on the dose, according to a study by the Australian Center for Precision Health at the University of South Australia According to the company, this is the world’s first genetic study in this area. More than six cups per day were defined as heavy coffee consumption

Cafestol dangerous

“In this study, we examined the genetic and phenotypic links between coffee consumption and plasma lipid profiles, cholesterols and fats in the blood, and found causal evidence that constant coffee consumption contributes to a negative lipid profile that increases the risk of heart disease can increase “, says research director Elina Hyppönen.

High levels of fat in the blood are known to be a risk factor for heart disease. However, since coffee beans with Cafestol have a very effective cholesterol-increasing component, it made sense, according to Hyppönen, to examine the two together. “Cafestol is mainly contained in unfiltered coffee such as Turkish coffee, but also in espresso, which is the basis for most coffees such as Cafè Latte or Cappuccinos.” Filtered coffee or instant coffee contains little or no cafestol. In terms of lipid effects, these types of coffee are good choices. “

Filter coffee is healthier

“In my opinion, it is especially important for people with high cholesterol or those who are afraid of heart disease that they carefully choose which type of coffee they drink,” says Hyppönen. It is important that the relationship between coffee and lipids depends on the dose. The more unfiltered coffee is drunk, the higher the blood lipids and the greater the risk of heart disease.

For the scientific study, the data of 362,571 participants of the UK Biobank between 37 and 73 years of age were evaluated. A triangulation of phenotypic and genetic approaches was used for the extensive analysis. The results were published in “Clinical Nutrition”. It is estimated that three billion cups of coffee are drunk worldwide every day. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Around 17.9 million people die from it every year.

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