3-on-3 battles take center stage; Battle Royale matches are becoming less important

Pearl Abyss has announced a series of updates to the gameplay core of Shadow Arena (Early Access). Based on player feedback, the future focus will be on “simpler, strategic gameplay” and “team-based competitions instead of individual games”. The game, originally intended as a Battle Royale, will focus on 3-versus-3 fights in the future – and thus more in the direction of For Honor. The ‘trio mode’ forms the basis for future development and adjustments to the balance. The original game mode will still be available for casual matches in private lobbies.

“The development team felt that it was easier to reverse the gameplay of the individual combo combat into something that focused on cooperative play and team strategy. So, the heroes themselves were redesigned, giving each character a clearer focus on their own has their respective skills and is clearly divided into roles that a successful Shadow Arena team needs. The heroes still share common tech skills, but are now more clearly divided into defense, attack and support classes “writes Pearl Abyss.

  • “Brawler: Has a lot of health or defensive skills. He uses strong crowd control and flocks into battle with skills to lead the fight.
  • Dealer: Use his skills to attack and overwhelm opponents with strong, fast attacks.
  • Support: Protects or heals your own team. ”

“The Shadow Arena development team has added new elements that further simplify the game. The new moves Matchlock and Hand of Healing have been added to the Black Spirit skills. A new shop allows players to purchase items with coins that monsters drop on the battlefield There, depending on the strategy and the heroes of the team, you can further improve your skills by buying the appropriate items. A new feature has been added to the game results screen to help teams determine their next strategy Immediately check which items other players have combined with certain heroes and how much damage they have caused. “

“The Primeval Weapons Layteen and Puturum have been removed from the game as they regularly guaranteed an easy win and undermined the strategic qualities of the game. The developer has also taken to heart the complaints from the community that the screen has been damaged by many attacks and special Combo effects were overloaded during the fight. This has now been significantly adapted in standard mode and the players are given the opportunity to optimize the game with photo filters and image options. In addition, the team has expanded the maximum camera angle.


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