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Apple is doing away with fingerprint sensors

A modern mobile phone can be unlocked in a variety of ways. But while most Android smartphones from Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi also offer a fingerprint scan as an alternative, Apple decided in 2017 not to install the home button with fingerprint sensor in most future models. The newer iPhone models can therefore only be unlocked by face recognition or by entering the numeric code – and no longer by simply laying on your finger.

Masks make face recognition difficult

But especially recently, Apple users and developers should have noticed how practical an integrated fingerprint sensor can be. Because during the Corona crisis, masks make facial recognition by smartphones more difficult – many iPhone owners are increasingly annoyed that they can no longer unlock the cell phone with a mask so quickly and easily. Since biometric authentication does not work when a mask is required, users have no choice but to enter the PIN code manually. In these times, many would have wished for a fingerprint sensor back.

Apple is apparently planning to return the Touch ID

The developers at Apple have also noticed: According to media reports, Apple is currently considering reintegrating the fingerprint sensor into future cell phones. As Bloomberg reports, Apple is already testing a version of Touch ID, in which the fingerprint sensor, unlike in earlier mobile phones, is no longer in the home button, but under the display.

Twitter account reveals evidence of Touch ID at Apple

A well-known Apple leaker who communicates online via his Twitter account “L0vetodream” has now published further information on the return of Touch ID. In the past, the account had already revealed a lot of spicy information in cryptic announcements about future hardware and software updates from Apple, as Macwelt reports.

In a recent tweet, the leaker wrote: “MESA uts for iPhone”.

What many may not understand at first glance seems very clear to most experts. According to Macwelt, “MESA” is an internal code name for the Touch ID function, and according to the IT experts, “uts” stands for “under the screen” in this context. In plain language: In his post L0vetodream announced a fingerprint sensor for the future iPhones, which should be “under the screen”, ie under the display.

When the time comes and whether Touch ID will already be included in the new iPhone 13, however, the leak account does not reveal.

Experts agree: Touch ID will be back

And other experts are also convinced that Apple will bring back the Touch ID function for its iPhones: As reported by 9to5Mac, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already assumed in 2019 that Apple would use Touch ID again for its iPhones from 2021 , face recognition and PIN entry should remain available as an unlock option.

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