Buy PS5: Amazon with console supplies – First orders possible

Amazon is stepping up: Happy customers managed to secure the Sony PS5 in February. The new console replenishment does not mean a fourth wave.

  • The PS5 was the last Orderer waves in no time sold out.
  • Sony is now announcing supplies for the second half of the January.
  • You have to go through the fourth wave know and so you increase your chances of success.

Update from 02/03/2021: Hardly was she back when she was gone again. As numerous users report, it was yesterday on February 2nd again a very small contingent PS5 Consoles to the sale. Bright Fans had a tiny chance they did PlayStation 5 both at OTTO, as well as shipping giant Amazon to secure. However, there were probably only a dwindling number of actual ones PS5 Consoles to buy. After a quarter of an hour it was PS5 fun already over again. So here you can’t really get a new one Sales wave speak.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

Maybe they both wanted Online retailer by the small contingents to be bought, but tests for the actual next PS5 wave carry out. This will currently start at some point in the middle of February expected. So don’t worry if you didn’t make it up yesterday “Order now” to click. The action of Amazon and OTTO However, it also proves that keep your eyes open when you are Buy PS5 can be massively worthwhile. We would not be surprised if such mini contingents of PS5 would also be offered again in the next few days: So stay tuned.

Buy PS5: Fourth wave of Sony consoles is on its way

Update from 01/13/2021: The evidence of a new one Sales wave the PS5 condense more and more. Last had Amazon Still sent out emails that pre-orderers could get replacement shipments of the console until January 23rd. Since these inquiries are only accepted until January 15, it is not unlikely that new ones will be received afterwards Orders at Amazon and others Online dealers can be made. Gameswirtschaft also reports something similar for the PS5, the site says there are several indications that a new one will be in the second half of January sale will be held.

In general, caution should still be exercised with non-established retailers. Especially with the scarcity of PS5 the temptation and the great danger is ignorant Fans Accumulate with scams. In addition, it is also with the next Sales wave for the Consoles Expect a great rush, precisely because the quotas will probably be very limited again and will continue to do so Scalper are on the way, the numerous by bot Consoles buy up. Therefore: the following pages should be safe and probably new Consoles to the sale to offer:

  • Buy PS5 on Amazon
  • Buy PS5 at Euronics
  • Buy PS5 from Expert
  • Buy PS5 at Gamestop
  • Buy PS5 at Medimax
  • Buy PS5 from Otto

Update from December 21st, 2020: For pre-order at Media market and Saturn unfortunately there is bad news. The companies have emailed buyers to inform them that this year it will be as good as no more chance of a PS5 gives. So who was still hoping for one Consoles Getting delivered before Christmas will have to put up with waiting until the New Year. At the same time, prices explode at Resellers and on platforms like eBay.

First report from December 16, 2020: Tokyo, Japan – The PS5 was released on November 19th, but there are still many Fans without console. This is due to the comparatively low supply compared to the demand. It was like that PS5 in the first Vorbestellerwellen Out of stock in no time. Unfortunately everything was pretty chaotic recently. Contingents were activated without warning, websites fell like flies and bots bought the Fans their consoles gone. Now there is new hope, still ahead Christmas the PS5 again to buy to be able to. You have to do that fourth wave knowledge.

Buy PS5: Fourth wave before Christmas – you need to know that

The one more Sales wave would follow was foreseeable. For many, the time is crucial. Really wanted Sony not come out with the language. First indications of a fourth wave the PS5 the German PlayStation Twitter account spread on November 25th. In one of her tweets the following was announced: “Due to the huge demand, we confirm that more PS5 annual stocks will arrive at retailers before the end of the year. “Already in between there was a small activation of contingents of the PS5 on December 3rd. However, it is unlikely that these were meant by the tweet.

According to our survey, over 70% of the Fans still without PS5 went out. Also one fourth wave will in all probability not be enough to meet the great demand. And the question remains when and where exactly will it be PS5 be available? According to the games industry, it is primarily the dealers who should Amazon, Expert, GameStop and Müller part of the fourth Sales wave the PS5 his. Therefore, keep an eye on your pages in particular. If Media market and Saturn will also enter the Christmas business is not yet known. However, both dealers still have orders in the thousands to be processed. GameStop and Müller may also receive consoles, as reported by the HNA *.

Buy PS5: Fourth wave before Christmas – this way you can get a Sony console more easily

Fans likely to have to face a similar mess in the fourth wave set as in the past when you did the Buy PS5 could. So that you have a better chance of getting a PS5, we present a few useful tips. For one, there is a Twitch bot with which you can buy the PS5 more easily. The bot runs around the clock on a Twitch channel and updates itself automatically. You can see the current availability of the PS5 with the German providers. So can FansIf a contingent is activated at a dealer, see this immediately and head straight to the respective website. The Twitch bot is currently running around the clock on the xMellowbagx Twitch channel.

Buy PS5: Fourth wave before Christmas – you need to know that

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There is also a similarly functioning fan tool with which you can pre-order and buy the PS5. The tool automatically sends users a tweet as soon as it receives the PS5 at Amazon Germany too to buy gives. In general, it can be helpful to turn on your mails, notifications and the like at the retailers. We keep our fingers crossed that this time you have one PS5 can get hold of. *HNA is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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