Buy PS5: Delay in fourth wave of sales – console fans disappointed

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Online shops and retailers have finally wiped the table clean. The fourth wave of PS5 sales will be delayed. No wonder console fans are disappointed.

  • Countless Fans are still waiting to finally be able to order a PS5.
  • Several Dealer but now report that a fourth Sales wave probably a little longer in coming.
  • It is Germany the first country in the EU to ever deliver Sony consoles to customers in 2021.

Hamburg, Germany – While numerous Pre-order at the moment finally their long overdue ones PS5 consoles must receive Fans Without a ticket, look further into the tube. In the last weeks of January, after some waiting time, the PS5 in Germany arrived and are being shipped to some customers. It was originally assumed that there would also be new Orders For Consoles would be possible in the first month of the year. There are now official news from several Online dealers and they don’t really look rosy.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Graphics performance AMD RDNA 2 – 10,3 TFLOPS
drive Ultra HD Blu-Ray
Storage capacity 825 GB SSD
Release 19. November 2020

Buy PS5: Confirm online retailer – New orders not before February 7th

A number of shippers and Online dealers have confirmed to on the status of the PS5 in the past few days, with new supplies of the Consoles is no longer to be expected in the first week of February. At least during this time, only PS5 consoles will continue to be sent to pre-orderers at Saturn and Media-Markt, which have been since Release still haven’t received a delivery. Apart from the usual isolated offers, which become available, for example, through cancellations or low replenishments eBay so the only way to continue Consoles get.

But at least it is Saturn and Media market continue the PS5 delivered. According to the games industry, these orders are the first so far Consolesthat at all this year in the EU Fans delivered, at least when Great Britain is no longer counted. In other markets, on the other hand, it looks a bit gloomy. Euronics, for example, has reported that it is quite possible that goods will only be available in March would come again. The chain is there in close coordination with Sony, but would be bound to the corresponding delivery cycles.

Buy PS5: the end of the waiting period in sight – dealers are preparing for the wave of sales

But not everything is bad in the country PS5. It was confirmed by the Media-Saturn Group that during the first week of February at least all Pre-orders and some preparations for the fourth Sales wave should also run behind the scenes. This replenishment of the PS5 should apparently take place before mid-February and there should already be a specific date internally, which is not yet public. Next Saturn and Media market there should be more markets next sale be involved. We will probably get more detailed information about this in the coming days.

Buy PS5: disappointment for fans – fourth wave of sales comes later

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Before the next wave of sales of the PS5 * starts, those involved Online retailer very likely also service posts again PS5 scatter through their social media. In this way, the Selling waves announced. If the previous information were to be correct, it would be new Consoles expected in the week of February 8th to 14th.* and are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network

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