Choose the red or green edition?

For the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto, players have to choose between the red and green editions, we compare and help with the decision.

“Which edition is better?” Has been one of the big questions in the universe for old Pokémon fans for almost 25 years: red or green, gold or silver, ruby ​​or sapphire and so on – among other things, which one depended on the choice Pocket monsters could be caught and which had to be obtained through exchange. Pokémon GO players haven’t had to make such a decision before, but to Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the brand with the Kanto tour, users of the smartphone hit must also get involved in this discussion and commit themselves.

Red or Green Edition? – The comparison

  • Exclusive Pokémon the Red edition
    • Rettan, Myrapla, Menki, Fukano, Sichlor und Elektek
  • Increased chance of Shiny Pokémon with the Red Edition
    • Bisasam, Glumanda, Schiggy, Taubsi, Rettan, Pikachu, Nidoran (weiblich), Myrapla, Digda, Menki, Fukano, Ponita, Muschas, Traumato, Krabby, Kicklee, Schlurp, Sichlor, Elektek, Evoli, Kabuto und Dratini
  • Exclusive Pokémon the Green edition
    • Sandan, Vulpix, Mauzi, Knofensa, Magmar und Pinsir
  • Increased chance of Shiny Pokémon with the Green Edition
    • Bisasam, Glumanda, Schiggy, Taubsi, Pikachu, Sandan, Nidoran (male), Vulpix, Mauzi, Enton, Knofensa, Kleinstein, Owei, Nockchan, Smogon, Tangela, Seeper, Magmar, Pinsir, Evoli, Amonitas und Dratini

For some players, the decision should be made without hesitation after seeing the list of contents: If Pokémon are required that can only be found in one edition, the choice is easy. It is the same with that Boost the shiny rates – fans should go through their collection and see which shiny shapes they are still missing. If one of the editions has more Pokémon to offer, it can be selected with a clear conscience.

Advantages of the red edition

Another decision factor could be the Strength the pocket monster im PvP and PvE his. In this regard, the Rote Edition With Menki score, the basic development Rasaff. The primacy combines combat attacks with possible dark attacks and thus becomes a useful overall package in several formats. Sichlor is with its development Scherox Also worth a look: In PvP it is of great use in the hyper league as a counterattack to beings like Bisaflor, Togekiss, Cresselia, Giratina (change form) and Pixi, and in raids it is a solid – if not outstanding – beetle attacker.

Its weight in gold is worth it for the raids Elevoltek, the further development of Elektek. The creature is one of the strongest electric attackers in PvE and in this role only has to bow to the dragon Zekrom. A Community Day was recently dedicated to him, so that many players should now have a few representatives, but those who still need XL candies or a stronger specimen can buy the red edition. The increased shiny rate of Kicklee is also an argument: Shiny-Kicklee is brand new after all.

Advantages of the green edition

However, the Green Edition also has strong Pokémon to offer: Vulpix develops to Vulnona, which not only has one of the most beautiful shiny shapes of all pocket monsters in the game, but is also considered the best fire attacker in the super league behind Alola-Knogga – it combines beauty and strength. In addition, is Knofensa found in this version. The plant being matures to Dreaming, which is the strongest razor blade user in the super league. This role is an important position in the current meta, because thanks to the quick attack it can beat the dreaded Azumarill and his colleagues.

The red edition has Sichlor, the green edition has Pinsir, which is superior to its Beetle colleague for the raids in all respects, but is not used in PvP. Just like Scyther, Pinsir has a mega-evolution (which outperforms Scyther’s variant) that could make it into the game in the future, so that the collection of resources for the being should be worthwhile in preparation. Increased Shiny Rates for Seeper, Nockchan and Tangela are also of interest.

Which version is better?

The answer is likely to be both unsatisfactory and positive: No of the two editions is obviously better than the other, which is of course good overall. After all, the trainers should play both editions in roughly equal proportions in order to make it easier to swap the exclusive pocket monsters for the collector’s challenge. The Shiny-Raten will make all the difference for most fans, for PvP as PvE have both Editions have about the same number of pluses to offer. The versions should produce a similar amount of fun on the Kanto tour.

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