“Family entertainment system” postponed to autumn 2021

Intellivision Entertainment does not want to release the Intellivision Amico console until autumn 2021 – just in time for this year’s Christmas business. October is currently targeted. The start of sales of the “family entertainment system” has already been postponed due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. After the last postponement, the console should actually be available in April 2021.

In addition to the six pre-installed games, around 30 exclusive Amico games will be available in digital and physical format – plus accessories. All games will have screen text in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch.

“The Intellivision team are incredibly passionate and work extra hard to create something very special. We can’t wait for people to play Amico.”said Tommy Tallarico, CEO and President of Intellivision Entertainment.

“We had no other choice after Covid-19 had already prevented the Europe-wide PR tour planned for February from taking place and we had to cancel the mall tour planned for March due to the lock-down extension and travel bans. That’s why we met Coordinated together with partners and also our exclusive distributor Koch Media and consider a launch in the second half of the year to be realistic “, explains Hans Ippisch, President Europe and Managing Director of the European branch.

Intellivision Entertainment Europe GmbH, based in Nuremberg, is responsible not only for the global localization of all Amico games but also for the development of currently 20 exclusive Amico titles across Europe (including Germany, Italy and Denmark). Among them are Intellivision Skiing, Intellivision Farkle, Shark! Shark! and Cornhole four of the six pre-installed games.

The manufacturer lists the following Intellivision Amico games:

  • “Earthworm Jim 4: The legendary, multi-award-winning platform game is exclusively back on Amico. More adventure, more fun, more gadgets and now with multiplayer mode!
  • Rigid Force Redux Enhanced: Rigid Force Redux Enhanced is a modern take on the classic side-scrolling shooter genre and arms players against waves of attackers. With a great soundtrack and spectacular graphics, the Amico version is expanded to include an exclusive couch-co-op multiplayer.
  • Mattel Hot Wheels: Hot Wheels has sparked the Challenger spirit around the world since the brand was first launched in 1968. Intellivision is thrilled that this spectacular brand will be part of the game repertoire. She will challenge parents, kids and fans alike as they near the finish line.
  • Telestrations: Together with The Op, Intellivision will publish the incomparable party game Telestrations. Families will enjoy the joy of laughing and misunderstanding while sketching and guessing silly drawings and words. For the first time, this party game enables whole families, from children to grandparents, to laugh together and enjoy the fun in a digital version.
  • Blank Slate: Another great board game from The Op coming out for Amico is Blank Slate. This party game allows families to get to know each other better while trying to fill in the void with just one word to complete the phrases. If players guess the same word, they get extra points. Blank Slate only takes a moment to learn and its simplicity makes it fun for players of all ages.
  • Finnigan Fox: Finnigan Fox is a brand new original game and offers classic platformer fun exclusively for Amico. Take advantage of the changing seasons and unique controls to begin a mystical adventure with this furry friend.
  • Bomb Squad: Bomb Squad is perfect for those looking for big fireworks and even bigger entertainment. Players must work together and try to defuse bombs together before time runs out. This is going to be a blast!
  • Incan Gold: Finding diamonds, gemstones and gold has never been so easy and exciting. Players will embark on an adventure of strategy, risk, and riches as they try their luck to see who comes out on top.
  • Intellivision Monster Spades: This game from Concrete Software, developers of the world’s best golf, bowling and fishing games, is set to become a family classic. Choose your favorite monster and enjoy one of the most played card games in the world.
  • Liar’s Dice: Liar’s Dice was developed by Stainless Games with Mike Montgomery, one of the founders of the legendary Bitmap Brothers, and offers fun for the whole family. The exclusive Amico version is a cuddly implementation of one of the most famous dice games in the world, which surprises with its unique use of Amico controller screens.
  • Space Strike: what happens when you combine popular games like Star Castle, Rocket League and Asteroids? Then you get the brand new, exclusive Amico game called Space Strike.
  • Moon Patrol: The reboot of the classic video game from 1982 promises to bring all the excitement of the arcade home when the whole family can control a well-equipped moon buggy and fight the toughest opponents in the galaxy for the first time. In addition to the single player mode, there are now for the first time co-op and versus modes, in which you can play with up to four people at the same time. A complete demo level is available for playing in the free “Amico Club” app for Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Evel Knievel: In close cooperation with the Knievel family, the brand new version of the motorcycle spectacle will contain the famous Skyrocket X-2 Snake Canyon jump as well as other unlockable elements, animations, audio, levels and of course spectacular crashes!
  • Astrosmash: Astrosmash is a real classic and one of the best-selling games from the legendary Intellivision console. It’s a typical arcade game where players face an onslaught of asteroids, meteors and enemies. This exclusive Amico game is included in every console. With unlimited ammunition and many targets in single player, co-op or versus mode, bombastic fun is guaranteed!
  • Intellivision ACL Cornhole: With over 100 unlockable functions as well as single player, team, versus and arcade modes, Cornhole uses Amico’s motion control to bring this increasingly popular recreational sport into the living room. Cornhole is easy to learn and play, and is perfect for large groups to play together. It is included as a pre-installed game on every Amico console.
  • Missile Command: One of the most successful arcade games of all time, Missile Command challenges players and teammates to protect defenseless cities from an almost endless hail of missiles. This exclusive Amico version uses the unique Amico controller screen and for the first time offers co-op and versus modes.
  • Breakout: Breakout was developed by Choice Provisions, the team behind the popular “Bit-Trip” game series, and is an innovative remake of the classic. She uses the Amico touchscreen and motion controls and gives the mix a music-based rhythm in a unique and modern style.
  • Intellivision Battle Tanks: This game puts players in the driver’s seat of an explosive military tank that goes into battle. Friends and families band together to defeat the enemy while pushing the boundaries of strategy. In addition to single player modes, there are also co-op, versus and capture-the-flag modes available.
  • Nitro Derby: Race from a bird’s eye view in extreme mode is available in this exclusive Amico game. Ten tracks, each with three racetracks and 14 unlockable vehicles, ensure hours of racing fun. “

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