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Security alliance aims to enable technology for car keys and digital driver’s licenses

Android Ready SE Alliance: Security alliance for mobile phones (Graphic:

Mountain View (pte013 / 03/26/2021 / 11:30) – Internet giant Google has Giesecke + Devrient, Kigen, the semiconductor manufacturers NXP and STMicroelectronics and the defense and security group Thales / de the Android Ready SE Alliance founded. Google has been installing the Titan-M-Chip in its Pixel devices since 2018 as a kind of guardian over the security of the device (secure element, SE). For example, SE stores encryption codes and checks the operating system.

More security for your mobile phone

According to Google, the introduction of additional security technology in all Android smartphones is to be accelerated. The group has already launched its first applet with StrongBox, a tool for storing cryptographic keys. “We believe this SE is the best way to introduce new applications to Android,” said Google.

Soon, the alliance will focus on use cases like digital car keys and mobile driver’s licenses. That could make digital passports possible. Google doesn’t mention digital vaccination records, but that’s another potential use for the technology. Phones and tablets are just the beginning, according to Google. The StrongBox could also be integrated into WearOS, an operating system for smartwatches and other wearable electronics that was also developed by Google.

Wide range of applications

Android Auto could also be upgraded with it. This is a system developed by Google to use the functions of an Android smartphone with the infotainment systems in vehicles. In addition, Google also wants to use the SE in Android TV, which is based on Google’s mobile operating system Android, but has been slimmed down and adapted for the special conditions of use on television sets.

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