Heirs of Alexander (DLC) and military system update released

For Imperator: Rome (from 9,99€ at The free update 2.0 (Marius) and the paid content package “Heirs of Alexander” (the heirs of Alexander) have been released today.

Heirs of Alexander (9.99 euros) includes new events, special mission threads (including the wars of the Diadochi) and the wonder of the world designer.

Heirs of Alexander at a glance:

  • “Unique Mission Strings: New special mission objectives for the Antigonid Empire in Anatolia, the Seleucid Empire in Asia and the Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt, Macedonia and Thrace.
  • Common Open Mission Strands: Diadochi mission objectives available to all successor kingdoms.
  • Wonder of the World Designer: New tool that allows players to build their own custom monuments that give bonuses to their location or the entire realm.
  • New Events: Various historical events based on the history and work of Alexander’s successors.
  • New deities: Regional gods and goddesses from the Hellenistic kingdoms.
  • New Treasures: Special artifacts from the Hellenistic kingdoms.
  • New Music: Three new music tracks that inspire the armed forces of the kingdoms. “

Update 2.0 reworks the military system in the game and adds new functions that change war and army management. The user interface is also improved. The role model in this context is probably Crusader Kings 3.

Update 2.0 “Marius” offers:

  • “Armies raised: Players draw soldiers from their provinces for their wars. Their size and composition depend on the cultures and population types of the province.
  • Legions: Players develop their military technology to create standing, professional forces that protect their empire. But they should be wary of their costs and tendency to follow disloyal generals.
  • Military History: Legions and mercenary units have a history that lists their achievements over time and leads to honors or punishments based on their achievements.
  • Engineers: Special cohort to help with sieges, river crossings and road construction.
  • Changes to inventions and military traditions: Radically revised invention system – Players unlock new skills alongside old inventions and shape their civilization like never before.
  • Diadochian War Objectives: New large-scale conquests available to the Hellenistic kingdoms to better shape the ambitions of the successor rulers.
  • Redesign of the user interface: Completely redesigned user interface to make options and decisions more intuitive.
  • And much more: new unit models for excavated and legionary units, new port construction options, changes to forts and deities. “


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