In 2022 we will go to the desert

At the end of the direct edition, Splatoon 3 was presented for Switch, although the game won’t be released until 2022. Territorial battles are promised for two teams of four players each – and new arenas, maneuvers and weapons. This time the setting is the desert region of Splatsville.

Nintendo: “Welcome to the Splatsville District, a scorching desert, inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings. In the heart of this dusty no man’s land lies the city of chaos, Splatsville. Even in this desolate piece of earth, everything revolves around gripping turf warfare. In new arenas in the middle of the wilderness Adrenaline-fueled ink battles are fought around Splatsville. The fighters move into the battle of colors with dynamic new abilities that allow them to dodge attacks and color even more ground. Their arsenal is expanded to include a bow-shaped weapon. “

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