LastPass removes important features from the free version

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The popular password manager is gradually reducing the functionality of its free version. With the drastic restrictions, the developers are probably trying to push users to the paid version.

From March 16, LastPass can only be used on one type of device. Lastpass users then have to decide whether they want to use the password manager on laptops or on mobile devices, according to a blog entry.

Drastic restrictions

From mid-March, LastPass can no longer be used on a PC and simultaneously on a smartphone or tablet. LastPass advises that users can change the decision on which device type they want to use the password manager three times in total.

The next restriction will come from mid-May: As of May 17, email support will be discontinued for the free version of the password manager. Users then have to switch to the general forum or switch to the paid version.

This is how much LastPass Premium costs

The fee-based premium version of LastPass costs 2.90 euros per month. However, the subscription is concluded for an entire year. The family account at LastPass, which bundles 6 premium licenses, costs 3.90 euros per month. Here, too, you have to pay a year in advance.

Tough competition

Password managers have faced stiff competition from Google and Apple in the past few years. Both companies have integrated their own password manager at system level in the past.

The password tools from Apple and Google can be used in Chrome or in the Safari browser as well as under iOS, macOS and Android without having to install a separate app or external application.

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