Long-awaited iPhone feature is not coming – Apple buries hope

At last it looked like a rethink. But now the feature should not come.

iPhone owners who have already run out of battery on the go are familiar with the situation: borrowing a charging cable from someone for a short time is not that easy. Because while Android manufacturers have been relying on a uniform charging connection (currently USB-C) for years, Apple has installed a Lightning connector on its smartphones. In this regard, the US group has also repeatedly rejected the EU, which is pushing for uniform charging solutions. But in the end there was hope that Apple could switch to USB-C for its smartphones. Because the company is now also installing these plugs on its iPads and MacBooks. But now the matter seems to have been settled.

There are two reasons against USB-C

For example, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is always well informed about Apple, told Macrumors that Apple will most likely stick to the Lightning connector on the iPhones. There are two main reasons for this. On the one hand, according to Kuo, Apple is convinced that the waterproofing of iPhones with the Lightninig connection is easier and safer to guarantee. With USB-C connections, however, a possible ingress of water cannot be prevented so reliably.

More importantly, however, Apple seems to be making money. Because if the company were to install a USB-C port on its iPhones, the accessory deliverers would have to pay significantly less fees for certification. Thanks to the in-house Lightning connector, however, Apple was able to introduce the (lucrative) label “Made for iPhone”. Third-party providers who want to bring suitable accessories for iPhones to the market have to dig deep into their pockets for the necessary certification.


For Apple, sticking to the Lightning connector is quite understandable. For many users it would still be an enormous relief if the US group, like all other manufacturers, would rely on a globally standardized connection. But this wish does not seem to come true.

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