Microsoft shows conversations with holograms | 03.03.21

REDMOND (dpa-AFX) – Microsoft wants to spice up digital collaboration in the future with holograms. The software group presented the Microsoft Mesh platform on Tuesday, which can be used to transmit three-dimensional video to special glasses, among other things. For example, conversation partners can appear virtually next to each other.

Microsoft wants to establish the mesh platform as a link between different technologies and device providers. For example, the 3D content should be able to appear both on Hololens’ own glasses and on Facebook’s Oculus glasses.

In this way, the platform could also build a bridge between virtual reality and so-called augmented reality. With virtual reality (VR), a user is completely immersed in a digital world thanks to special glasses with small screens in front of their eyes; with augmented reality (AR), artificial objects are displayed in the real environment.

The Hololens AR glasses sold by Microsoft are quite bulky and, given their high price, are mainly used by companies. Apple also relies on AR, but has so far shown the digital objects on the screens of its iPhones and iPads in the real environment – even if, according to media reports, glasses are also in the works. Meanwhile, Facebook bought the VR company Oculus and is already offering conversations with 3D avatars on their glasses.

The idea behind Mesh is a cloud platform to develop digital objects and play them on all these systems. The “Pokémon Go” developer Niantic demonstrated how the virtual characters from the popular smartphone game can appear around the wearer of Hololens glasses in a park. / So / DP / zb


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