MontanaBlack: Twitch streamer draws rare gold card – is it becoming an addiction?

After MontanaBlack announced that it would get involved in the Pokémon card hype, it started its first livestream. The streamer is now pulling an incredible Pokémon on Twitch.

  • Twitch-Streamer MontanaBlack recently started investing in VGAs (Video Game Authoritys) (All MontanaBlack News).
  • Because of a huge hype around Pokémon cards on Twitch, MontanaBlack now also wants to benefit.
  • The streamer off Buxtehude started his first Pokémon-Opening in the livestream Twitch – he drew an incredible card.

Buxtehude, Germany – On Twitch there is currently a huge hype around old ones Pokémon cards. In Germany is Trymacs probably the best known Streamerwho the Pokémon-Hype leading. So organized Trymacs openings in front of tens of thousands of spectators almost every day Twitch. Also the biggest German Streamer MontanaBlack would now like to benefit from the hype. Marcel Eris now hosted his first opening in a live stream – the 32-year-old was incredibly lucky.

Full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
birthday March 02, 1988
place of birth Buxtehude
Followers on YouTube 2.690.000 Follower (Stand: 9. November 2020)
Followers on Twitch 3.104.201 Follower (Stand: 9. November 2020)

MontanaBlack: Streamer joins the Pokémon hype – first live stream on Twitch

There has been a hype about booster packs on Twitch recently Pokémon cards. Especially Trymacs – one of the biggest Streamer Germany – profited greatly from the hype. In the last seven days it generated a watch time of over 2.6 million hours. Trymacs also broke the audience record for Knossi’s horror camp and also set a new global subscriber record Twitch on. So it can be stated that the current hype is around Pokémon cards is immense. The goal behind the Openings it is that you draw particularly rare cards with a higher value than that of the entire display.

Despite the unbelievable hype about the Pokémon cards there is also a big downside to the popular openings. Because logically it is luck which Pokemon card you draw from the respective booster pack. Also Trymacs if this is aware, he says before each of his live streams Twitchthat drawing rare cards is similar to gambling. Meanwhile should Trymacs have even developed an addiction themselves, but also makes it clear that he enjoys entertaining his audience. MontanaBlack has also had problems with gambling on Twitch in the past, although even officials stormed his apartment, he now appears to be moving on because of the hype.

MontanaBlack: Streamer pulls ultra-rare Pokémon card – is the Twitch Bayboy developing an addiction?

MontanaBlack is not the only one Streamerwho has seen the financial success Trymacs thanks to the Pokémon-Openings on Twitch celebrates. Now the 32-year-old is also moving out Buxtehude and starts his first live stream in which he Pokémon-Sets opens. He himself should be approx. 300 Euro for the entire display, because he would like to try out the openings himself for the time being Twitch like. Already posed in the past MontanaBlack however, states that he could well imagine even about 330.000 Euro for booster packs.

MontanaBlack draws mega rare Pokémon cards

© Twitch: montanablack88

In the live stream itself, things got hot right from the start. After a few minutes it took off MontanaBlack already the “Zacian Pokémon“. This is “one of the amazing rarities“, A card given to his friend Trymacs should have been missing to complete a complete collection. Then decided MontanaBlack to give the card to his friend: “I’ll give it to you, Digga. Because you are always so correct to me.“After Marcel Eris had earned a little good karma through it, things went on after just a few packs. The Streamer out Buxtehude was incredibly lucky and drew one of three golden cards in his first opening. Trymacs noted with a start: “What, this is a gold card, there are only three!“Then MotanaBlack seemed impressed and said humorously:”It looks really cool too, as gold as my Rolex.“The card itself was”Telescopic Sight“.

Rubriklistenbild: © dpa / Federico Gambarini / Instagram: montanablack / pixabay / Twitch: montanablack88 (Montage)

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