Nintendo Switch Pro with 4K maybe this year

If you believe the statements of user “NateDrake” which one Nintendo Insider is supposed to be 4K capable Nintendo Switch Console to be launched this year. Another rumor that underpins all the rumors of the last few months.

Even hardware is mentioned

He can also give details. He is sure that the Nintendo Switch Pro 4K-capable and can even name the hardware used: DLSS, an Nvidia’s resolution upgrade tool. Time will tell whether he is right. Although it is from Nintendo it is even official that no new console is coming anytime soon, the user NateDrake is nevertheless sure that the Nintendo Switch Successor will appear this year. If not this year due to delays, then at the beginning of next year. But no matter when, the announcement for one Nintendo Switch Pro would still have to come this year.

Third-party developers want a pro

Due to the new generation of consoles with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S is Nintendo forced to keep up. Even if this competition is not a direct competition from the Japanese, one does not want to scare off the third-party developers. These require a similar implementation level for their titles. That’s why developers need one Nintendo Switch Pro more than the customers of Nintendo self.

Bowser said no

Doug Bowser (that’s actually his name) denied in December that a successor was being worked on. Even if the Nintendo Switch is still successful, that is not believable. Experts and fans at least all agree on this and cannot be wrong.

Whether the insider is right or not. At some point it has to Nintendo move on with a new console. Due to the great popularity and success of the Nintendo Switch we are of course still satisfied. But a small upgrade of the miracle console in the form of a new one Nintendo Switch Pro we would of course also buy.

More about the Nintendo Switch

In February 2021, the Nintendo Switch the sales of the 3DS handheld. Another milestone in recent history the last Nintendo-Console. However, there was a rejection for the live-action series The Legend of Zelda and Star Fox. A bitter pill for fans of the two game series!

Likewise prepare Nintendo for even more players by upgrading their multiplayer servers. After all, an investment after almost 20 (!) Years. However, this renewal is necessary as more and more players become Animal Crossing: New Horizons to join. Due to the current success of the previously published Nintendo Switch Versions, it will take a while before a Pro version of the Switch comes onto the market.

Sources:, via NateDrake

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