Pokémon GO: Mega Gyarados at a glance

With Mega Gyarados, a coveted mega development will appear in Pokémon GO in the coming week, we take a look at expected values ​​and attacks.

The mega development of Garados appears in the course of the Lunar New Year event from the coming Tuesday (February 9th) at 10 a.m. in the mega raids where the trainers have to defeat it Mega-Energies earning for the species. As with other Mega Evolutions, this resource is needed to transform your own Gyarados into Mega Gyarados. The Guy’s Pokémon water and flight evolves from Magikarp, become for it 400 Magikarp candy required.

Weaknesses and resistances

Mega Gyarados loses the flight type and instead takes the in addition to being classified as a water pocket monster Dark-Type. This results in weaknesses against attacks of the areas Beetle, Electro, Fee, struggle and plantwhile it’s over Resistances against attacks of the types Dark, Fire, Geist, ice, Psycho, Stahl and water disposes. The official values ​​are not yet known, but due to the previous conversion of the attributes from the main games into the values ​​of the smartphone hit, expected numbers can be given.

Probable values ​​and attacks

Accordingly can 237 Points in attack, 186 Counter in the defense and 216 for the endurance to be expected. This would be a maximum limit 5,332 competition points that a Mega Gyarados could achieve. The previous water primer Mega-Turtok has fewer points to offer in all areas – Mega-Gyarados are consequently a Pokémon with great impact that should be among the top counterattacks in various raids of the fifth level in the future.

Nevertheless, the mega-form, like its basic form, is in a suboptimal position: In the long term, mega-Gyarados will probably not belong to the absolute top neither as a water nor as a dark attacker, but it is a very solid choice in many situations. Kaskade, Hydropumpe and Nassschweif are powerful water attacks while Only and Crunch deliver adequate dark damage. Feuerodem and tantrum also provide some dragon power.

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