Spacebase Startopia is now available

Publisher Kalypso Media and in-house developer Realmforge Studios today announced the release of Spacebase Startopia. The colorful space management simulation appears today for PC, PlayStation 4 | 5 as well as Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Spacebase Startopia supports Xbox Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles. The Nintendo Switch version will follow later this year.

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In honor of the arrival of the Spacebase Startopia there are commanders and those who want to become one Series of strategy guides Available: Full of tips and tricks in dealing with aliens, galactic gadgets and donut-shaped space stations, they offer players excellent support in building the unique space station. Episode 1 covers the three different decks on which visitors can be accommodated and a selection of buildings and attractions can be erected. Episode 2 introduces the “Fuzzies”. These are cute assistant robots that take action on the less glamorous tasks. In episode 3, the communication skills of the players are given another refresher course (both verbal and telepathic). Episode 4 covers the infirmary, bunk, and food on board.

More episodes of the Strategy Guides will follow. The first 4 episodes are already here available:

Strategy Guide #1 – Spacebase Startopia 101

Strategy Guide #2 – The Fuzzy Droids

Strategy Guide #3 – A Good Bit of C&R (Communication & Recycling)

Strategy Guide #4 – Life & Berth

Spacebase Startopia is a galactic dream. Under the keen eyes of the more or less helpful station’s own KI VAL, players control their own space station. A wide variety of tasks arise on three unique decks that must be mastered in order to make extraterrestrial vacationers happy with their very own needs. The multiplayer mode offers up to 4 players the opportunity to create a cosmic paradise together or to wipe out the competition with daring acts of sabotage.

Spacebase Startopia is funded by the FFF Bavaria.

About Spacebase Startopia:

Spacebase Startopia impresses with its original mix of business simulation and development strategy, paired with classic RTS skirmishes and a good dose of humor. The challenging single player campaign and the varied battle mode are joined by a competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players. And as if the maintenance of the three space station decks, the fun of the eight extraterrestrial alien races and the defense against enemy intruders were not enough of a challenge, the dynamic narrator AI “VAL” does not mince words and comments sharply on what is happening.

  • In the single-player campaign, which includes 10 missions and is fully set to music, your skills as commander of the Spacebase Startopia are required to create one of the most attractive trade and tourism magnets far and wide.
  • Each of the three decks demands your leadership skills, whereby the sub-deck contains all the rooms necessary for life, while the fun deck focuses on the varied entertainment of your visitors and the flora and fauna of the bio-deck for sufficient vital resources and a home for them graceful dryads.
  • You’re not alone! Assert yourself against your fellow competitors – small acts of economic sabotage or attacks with Mech units get hostile if you get stuck with peaceful trade. And beware of enterprising space pirates.
  • The dynamic narrator AI “VAL” reacts to your decisions and is always at your side with advice and action or sometimes with unqualified comments.
  • In addition to the extensive single-player campaign, you can expect an individually adaptable sandbox mode as well as a competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode for up to 4 players.

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