The foldable Mate X2 is relatively thin thanks to its wedge shape

Huawei has now officially presented the new foldable Mate X2. The information that has already appeared has been confirmed, according to which the display halves are inside and protected when folded. The displays of the Huawei Mate X were still on the outside. Worth mentioning: The wedge-shaped case halves make the Huawei Mate X2 relatively thin.

Huawei Mate X2 presented

A few days ago we reported on Huawei regarding a presumably more than 50 percent reduction in production for the year 2021 compared to 2020. The main reason for this is of course the US sanctions, because of which the Chinese manufacturer has not been with US for a while -Companies can work together and also have to do without Google services for newer smartphones. However, just because of the imminent threat of sanctions, demand from Western countries had already plummeted. Our news was also about the upcoming new folding smartphone Huawei Mate X2, at which time it was rumored that the displays should be inside when closed. Now Huawei has officially presented the new folding smartphone, as also reported by Computer Base.

Thin thanks to the wedge-shaped housing

Like its predecessor, the Huawei Mate X2 is foldable and, when unfolded, offers a much larger display than a normal smartphone, with the Mate X2 being almost 162 by 146 millimeters square. With the Mate X, however, it was criticized that the display is on the outside after it has been closed – this allows use even when it is closed, but increases the risk of scratches enormously. The new Huawei Mate X2 says goodbye to the concept, which means: when closed, the display is protected, but cannot be used either – but there is a third display, which in this case is on the outside. With another innovation, Huawei ensures that the smartphone is also very thin when it is closed. Because the two halves of the housing are wedge-shaped and mounted opposite one another. The thinner side of one half of the case borders the thicker side of the right half, so that the smartphone is similarly thick in the closed state, but remains relatively thin overall. The hardware that takes up more space is then in the thicker parts of each half, for example the camera. When unfolded, the Huawei Mate X2 is between 4.4 and 8.2 millimeters thick, and when it is closed, it is 13.6 to 14.7 millimeters. The competition from Samsung comes closed with the Z Fold 2 to 13.8 to 16.8 millimeters – the significantly higher maximum value clearly shows the effect of the wedge-shape idea. On the official website of Huawei you can also find further technical data about the new folding smartphone.

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