Valheim has more players than GTA 5, Rust & PUBG

“Off to Valheim”, thought several Steam playerif you take a look at the current Charts throws. Has come out of nowhere Valheim arguably the next big thing on Twitch as it is a joy to watch (and play yourself). Iron Gate AB’s Viking co-op title is a mix of many genres and has caught the eye of the gaming community since its launch on February 2nd.

Measuring a game’s popularity is based on that Charts to see. On the Steam charts Right at the top is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before DOTA 2, two Valve games, but a lot has changed behind them. CS: GO currently has an average of over 1 million players, DOTA 2 is just under 700 thousand. Behind – with the current players – is already Valheim, although on average >> still << PUBG is ranked. With that the title is up Steam stronger than Rust, Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2, Destiny 2, GTA 5 or Rainbow Six Siege. What a start!

Valheim is also the top selling game of the last week Steam, so this number of players is less surprising. According to the Steam-Charts reached Valheim a high of 391,325 players in the last 24 hours. There’s no shame in not beating Counter-Strike, but DOTA 2 is definitely inside. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Walheim kept climbing in the next few days.

Valheim is a brutal multiplayer exploration and survival game in a procedurally embarrassed purgatory inspired by the culture of the Vikings. It is a mix of RPG, fighting game, adventure and action and is located on Steam im Early Access. – (C) Iron Gate AB

Quick success

In the past few months we’ve seen some rapid gaming successes that weren’t necessarily off the radar. Indie titles like Fall Guys or Among Us were able to prevail and attract millions of players. After all, Valheim has already reached more than 2 million players who have bought the title. One million copies were sold in the first 8 days. For 16.79 euros you can’t go wrong, after all, it’s not a full-price title.

Whether the success is short-lived, or whether Valheim time will tell. However, it is remarkable to see the game win the hearts of gamers on Twitch and in such a short amount of time Steam has conquered. In the charts it is currently in third place behind CS: GO and DOTA 2.

Valheim is now on the PC (Steam) available.

Half-Life - (C) Valve

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