Whatsapp: Beware of this message – it comes from friends

Whatsapp: Beware of this message – especially if it comes from your friends

March 10, 2021 at 8:37 pm

This is WhatsApp

We take a look at the most popular instant messenger in Germany: WhatsApp.

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Warning everyone Whatsapp-Users! Behind one WhatsappMessage from a friend may be hiding more than you might see at first glance.

Experts are now urgently warning against malware that is sent via the popular messenger.

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Whatsapp: be careful! You are not allowed to click on THIS message

The dangerous thing: Above all, you can’t do that Whatsapp-Trust the news of your friends, as reported by the “HNA”.

The warning comes from the security software company ESET. According to the security experts, malware is currently being distributed via Whatsapp.


This is Whatsapp:

  • The instant messaging service was founded in 2009 in Santa Clara, USA by Jan Koum and Brian Acton
  • In 2014, Facebook Inc. bought Whatsapp for $ 19 billion
  • The application is available for all common operating systems: Android. iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile
  • The beta testing of Whatsapp Business started in Germany on January 25, 2018
  • Whatsapp Payments is currently only available to users in India, but will soon be available in other countries as well
  • After several updates, you can no longer only send messages via Whatsapp, but also make calls or hold video conferences.


This is hidden behind a fake app and a competition. If you are not careful, you could quickly fall into the trap.

Whatsapp virus: this is how it works

With a link that is distributed via Whatsapp messages, users are asked to download an app on their smartphone. This could be an attractive offer for every Whatsapp user, because the link is advertised with a deceptive competition.

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You will be lied to as ice cold that you could win a smartphone by doing this. But you shouldn’t fall for that.

Whatsapp: Nasty scam – the virus spreads so easily

As soon as a Whatsapp user clicks on the deceptive link, he is directed to the page of a fake Google Playstore. This looks very similar to the real Playstore.

The nasty thing about it is: Even if you click on the malware link without downloading the advertised app, you are already spreading the link to your WhatsApp contacts. The link to the malware could also be forwarded to you by a friend via Whatsapp.

Whatsapp: HOW you can protect yourself and your friends

The security experts at ESET now give the following tips on how you can protect yourself and your Whatsapp contacts from the virus: First, you should regularly check for updates for apps and the operating system.


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In addition, in general, all links that you receive via Whatsapp should always be critically scrutinized. If this looks dubious, it is best not to click on the link in the first place.

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