Biathlon World Cup: reloads slow down women’s quartet

Zdouc, Innerhofer, Schwaiger and Hauser avoided a penalty loop, but had to reload a total of 15 times in the eight target exercises and were the undisputed number one at least in this category. The Austrians also lost good mileage with the spares. Because in the end the quartet was only about 1:05 minutes short of the victorious Norwegians. Seventh place still means the best ever World Cup result for an Austrian women’s relay.

Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, Tiril Eckhoff, Ida Lien and Marte Olsbu Röiseland, on the other hand, gave Norway the fifth gold medal in Pokljuka. Silver secured the German quartet 8.8 seconds behind the Scandinavians in the finish sprint. Bronze went to Ukraine. In the afternoon, the men’s relay is on the program on the Pokljuka plateau (3 p.m., live on ORF1).

Reuters / Borut Zivulovic

The Norwegian quartet lived up to its favorite role in the women’s relay

Shooting tarnishes mileage

For the Austrians, who had presented themselves brilliantly in the individual races, the dream of a sensation burst at the first prone shooting. Starting runner Zdouc had to reload three times on her first attempt. The Carinthian and her colleague Innerhofer were responsible for ten of the 15 spare loads. Schwaiger and final runner Hauser were not spared from missed shots this time either.

“I found it difficult to shoot, especially when I was lying down. When zeroing in, the targets were in the shade, then in the sun during the race. In terms of running it was fine. Today was not my best day, ”said Zdouc, who had struggled above all with the higher temperatures, in an interview with ORF. Innerhofer and Schwaiger emphasized the personally positive. Innerhofer, always good for mistakes, especially when it comes to standing, was “incredibly” happy to have avoided at least one penalty loop. Schwaiger was surprised by her mileage: “I didn’t even know that I was running so well.”

The final runner Hauser, who already has silver in the mixed relay and silver in the pursuit, also had to reload three times and could therefore no longer close the gap to the top five. “The seventh place is pretty impressive, we knew we could be there,” said the Tyrolean realistically about the result. However, Hauser was annoyed by the presentation at the shooting range: “Unfortunately, we reached a record with the spare rounds. That was top in the field. We’ll have a debrief in the evening that won’t be so fun. The backlog is still acceptable anyway. But we were optimistic about the season because we were all in a good mood. “

Biathlon-WM Pokljuka

Women’s relay (4 x 6 km):
1. Norway Tandrevold, Eckhoff, Lien, Röiseland 1:10:39,0 0/11 *
2. Germany Hinz, Hettich, Herrmann, Preuss + 8,8 0/5
3. Ukraine Merkuschina, Jima, Blaschko, Pidhruschna 9,2 0/7
4. Belarus 28,8 0/8
5. Sweden 47,9 0/9
6. Poland 52,1 0/6
7. Austria Zdouc, Innerhofer, Schwaiger, Hauser 1:04,3 0/15
8. France 1:15,2 0/5
9. Italy 1:28,1 0/9
10. Czech Republic 1:40,4 0/6

* Penalty loops / spare rounds

Another program

20. February Relay men (4 x 7.5 km) 3 p.m.
21st of February Mass start women (12.5 km) 12.30 p.m.
21st of February Mass start men (15 km) 3:15 p.m.

All competitions live on ORF1

Medal table

Gold silver Bronze total
1. Norway 5 1 3 9
2. France 2 2 2 6
3. Sweden 1 2 2 5
4. Czech Republic 1 1
5. Austria 2 2
. Germany 2 2
7. Belarus 1 1
. Ukraine 1 1

Status after nine of twelve applications

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