David Alaba drops the Bayern bomb – and names his successor directly

David Alaba finally announced his departure at a press conference on Säbener Straße. He even revealed who could be his successor.

  • David Alaba will leave FC Bayern *.
  • He dropped the bomb at a specially scheduled press conference.
  • You can find all the important statements to read in our live ticker.

Update from February 16, 5:06 p.m .: David Alaba was surprisingly concrete when asked about his successor. He praised colleague Lucas Hernandez in the highest tones. “He’s a very good player and very, very important to us. He can play in different positions and still has a lot of potential, ”said the Austrian of the French.

Update from February 16, 2:28 p.m .: It happened, what was to be expected – nevertheless the news hits like a bomb. David Alaba will leave Bayern after 13 years. It was important to him, he emphasized this several times: He is not leaving because of money, but because of a new challenge. He wants to “get out of the comfort zone”.

The Austrian did not get much out of the failed contract negotiations. He described the relationship as very positive, which is probably not always the case in reality. There would be no other explanation for the public statements made by FC Bayern. He expressly did not complain about a lack of appreciation.

David Alaba says goodbye to FC Bayern – and names possible successors

2:22 p.m.: The press conference is over.

2:21 p.m .: The round ends with an amusing moment. Alaba is asked how good his Spanish is. “Not good,” he replies. “But there is enough on the pitch.”

2:17 p.m .: “The conversations with FC Bayern have always been very positive. A lot was always interpreted from the outside. My management is in talks with everyone, I’ll get information and then make a decision about where I’m going. I haven’t set myself a deadline. “

2:16 p.m .: He is also impressed by newcomer Dayot Upamecano. “It’s no secret that he’s a great player.”

2.15 p.m .: The Austrian seems to have chosen Lucas Hernandez as his successor. “He’s a very good player and very, very important to us. He can play in different positions and still has a lot of potential. “

2:13 p.m .: Alaba makes it clear: “I want to say goodbye as successfully as possible. That’s why I’ll give everything in the last few weeks. “

2:12 p.m .: “I made the decision a few weeks ago and communicated it to those responsible,” reveals Alaba.

David Alaba clears the table – “I’m going to leave the club”

2.10 p.m .: Alaba doesn’t say much about his dream club: “I want to develop myself as a player. FC Bayern is my family and will stay that way. “

2:07 p.m .: Alaba does not complain about a lack of appreciation, that was not the reason for his decision. “I want to have a new challenge for myself, a new challenge. I want to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. “

2:06 p.m .: Alaba on the contract negotiations: “Internally, I always have a very good relationship with those responsible, everything really worked well. I am very grateful for that.”

2:03 p.m .: His new club has not yet been determined. When asked about FC Barcelona: “I think it’s no secret that my management is in contact with the clubs. I want to concentrate fully on my job here. I can not say more.”

2:01 p.m .: The Austrian doesn’t talk about the bush for long: “I made the decision to do something new after the season and leave the club. The decision wasn’t easy for me, I was with the club for a long time and I owe a lot to them. It was an incredibly beautiful and intense time here. “

2 p.m .: It starts, David Alaba takes a seat.

Update, 1:52 p.m .: It starts in just under ten minutes. Here you can read all the important statements from the press conference. The time will come soon, stay tuned!

Update from February 16, 1:38 p.m .: The eagerly awaited press conference with David Alaba will begin in a good 20 minutes. Is he saying goodbye to the fans of FC Bayern today? There are many indications of this. Meanwhile, the discourse between Hansi Flick and politician Karl Lauterbach is entering the next round *.

First report from February 16: Munich – David Alaba * was loyal to FC Bayern * for twelve years – after more than 400 games for the record champions, this summer is over. The Austrian wants to take on a new challenge again, preferably at Real Madrid.

David Alaba: is he saying goodbye to Bayern today?

Since then the Spanish Marca vannounced an agreement with the royal a few weeks ago, but nothing happened. On Tuesday, the 28-year-old gives a press conference – the image reports that he will announce his departure there. Alaba probably wants to provide clarity in this way so that it can concentrate on the end of the season.

At 2 p.m. FC Bayern * invited to a press round at which “David Alaba is available for questions”. If there was nothing to announce, such an extraordinary PK would probably not be scheduled. In management circles it has long been clear that the left foot will go – that’s why they have already signed a successor.

David Alaba wants to join Real Madrid – but the new club has not yet been determined

It is unclear whether he will announce his new club. Most likely, however, this has not yet been determined. Although Real Madrid is Alaba’s dream destination, other clubs are also involved: FC Barcelona, ​​PSG, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are rumored to be in the raffle.

We are excited to see what Alaba is announcing and will be accompanying the press conference from 2 p.m. in the live ticker. (epp) * tz.de is part of the Ippen editorial network.

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