Don’t let Michael Schumacher’s record drive me

( – The thought of being able to surpass Michael Schumacher with an eighth world title and become the sole record holder in the history of Formula 1 has so far been a strong drive for Lewis Hamilton, as connoisseurs from his environment describe it . But before taking the very last step there, the 36-year-old apparently decided not to let himself drift away and instead to try to start the 2021 season with a basic calm.

For Lewis Hamilton there are more important things than Michael Schumacher’s record


When a journalist wants to know whether an eighth title (or not) could have an impact on whether or not he will continue his career in Formula 1, Hamilton replies: “That’s a good question.” And makes it clear: “I think I made the really important decision for myself that I don’t want that to become the decisive factor.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff assumes that even in the case of an historic eighth title, the last chapter of Hamilton’s success story has not yet been written: “I think there is a high probability that Lewis will want to continue. Because he enjoys driving […]”says the Austrian.

Hamilton nods: “I started racing because I love it. And I have the feeling that it always has to be at the core of what I do. When I should stop loving racing and only because of fame and honor carry on, then I run the risk of losing my way. “

Hamilton says eight titles would be “the ultimate dream”

The eighth title, admits Hamilton, is “the ultimate dream, but I don’t think that’s inevitably going to be the deciding factor in whether I stay and carry on. It’s more about whether I still have a smile on my face when I do.” put on the helmet. “

The big question is ultimately: “Do I still enjoy all of this? Last year was a tough year for everyone, including me. Nevertheless, there were some powerful moments. We’ll see if that will be the case this year as well. Make it to me just as much fun? We’ll see. But I’m a bit excited. So I think: Yes, yes! “

With the one-year contract, Hamilton has every opportunity to hang up the helmet if necessary, if driving pleasure is no longer sufficient. And observers noticed that he was already more fond of success than at the Mercedes presentation on Tuesday – including Christian Nimmervoll and Stefan Ehlen in their launch analysis on the YouTube channel.

Mercedes launch: is Hamilton still in the mood?

Lewis Hamilton’s statements at the presentation of the W12 were the big topic – world titles, he says, are no longer the most important thing More Formula 1 videos

A one-year contract also means that the annoying question about the future will start again very soon. But Hamilton hardly cares: “It’s not like this would be my first rodeo,” he says and grins: “I already know how it is when you are asked the same question over and over again. In that respect I do not allow myself to be put under pressure. “

Also because his relationship with Mercedes is “extraordinary” and “incredibly deep” and he already assumes that one day he will do more than just racing together – see Hamilton Commission, see the new foundation. The Brit ponders whether he would like to continue his career after 2021, “that will come over me in time, I’m sure of that”.

Hamilton’s one-year contract: contradicting representations

Incidentally, there were contradicting statements about Hamilton’s one-year contract on Tuesday. While Wolff claims that the idea came from “both” sides, the seven-time world champion claims: “I made a conscious decision to only make a one-year contract. So I can see how the year is going and where we are stand at halftime or towards the end of the season. “

Wolff presents it a little differently in an interview with ‘Sky’: “At the end of December we came to the conclusion that we never really had the opportunity to sit down and negotiate in detail what the years after that could look like not just the years of driving, but also after driving. And there are various interesting variants. “

“At some point in January we said: ‘We have to finish this contract now so that we can start the season. Then we will take more time to simply discuss the future.’ That’s why this one-year contract was actually the logical next step, “explains the Mercedes team boss.

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