Franz Wohlfahrt defends himself against Austria “mess”

Admira sports director Franz Wohlfahrt does not want to be responsible for the lack of squad planning at Wiener Austria.

In an im Profile Austria President Frank Hensel criticized the former Veilchen sports director Franz Wohlfahrt. Accordingly, Peter Stöger would have found a “mess” in the squad when he took office, which can be traced back to welfare.

Words that obviously offended Welfare. “I read it and heard it. In that case, you don’t go back to the agenda, because it’s about my reputation and my future career in management. You don’t let that sit on you, so we had a very good conversation.” promises welfare Sky.

Wohlfahrt: “Everyone can look at the Austria squad”

“Anyone can look at the current squad of Austria and there are exactly four players from my era. Two of them are the players who actually keep the team up – the goalkeeper, the Pentzi and the Monschein, whom I from Admira “said Wohlfahrt.

In addition, Wohlfahrt references his successes in favorites: “What else happened between 2015 and 2018, that we played twice in the Europa League group stage, that we were second and third, that we were in the cup final, that we were six in my time until they had a transfer surplus of seven million euros, only a few people know that. But we discussed it and it’s okay with me. “


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