Hamilton wants to continue after 2021

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Today on Sky: Ralf Schumacher interviews Sebastian Vettel!

On the new 24-hour Formula 1 channel Sky Sport F1 HD, “Warm Up – Das Motorsport Spezial” is running today at 5:30 p.m. as the perfect preparation for the season opener in Bahrain. Special highlight: interviews with Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. Vettel is interviewed by Sky expert Ralf Schumacher.

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Vettel jokes about “Honey Ryder”

We’ve already talked about the name of his new Aston Martin. It pays homage to the first Bond girl. Regarding the films, the four-time champion jokes: “You get older too. In the past you might have looked more at the cars. Then at the girls. And now maybe more at the cars again …”

The main thing is that his new AMR21 is fast!

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Apropos Pirelli …

The Italians let the teams drive with lower tire pressures this weekend than last year. Whereas in 2020 22.5 (front) and 21.0 psi (rear) were required, this time it is only 21.0 and 19.0. So you’re clearly going down. This is made possible by the new tires, which are more durable than their predecessors. So it is possible to drive with lower tire pressures.

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400th Grand Prix for Pirelli

The tire manufacturer is celebrating its 400th Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend. Happy anniversary! Here is an overview of the successes of the Italians in the premier class. However, it must of course be mentioned that Pirelli has been the sole tire manufacturer in the premier class since 2011. The majority of the triumphs were achieved without competition.

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Berger: How long can Hamilton hold out?

The world champion is therefore not assuming that he will resign after the 2021 season. We spoke to Gerhard Berger about the British situation. He explains that it is “great” that Hamilton is campaigning for things like more equality. At the same time, however, he also believes that it could be a distraction for the world champion.

“I ask myself: How long can he bring it all under one roof and do everything so parallel and still be so good at sport? I think we’ll see this year, whether he’s as strong again, or whether we can see a Lewis Hamilton falter a bit at some point, “said Berger.

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Hamilton: Success plays no role in the new contract

The world champion makes it clear that a new Mercedes contract does not depend on whether it will be successful this year. As a reminder: his new contract expires at the end of the year. But he does not assume that 2021 will be his last season in the premier class. He’s still having fun and looking forward to an exciting season. However, he will only make a final decision in the next few months whether he wants to continue.

That was it from the PK too. Here in the ticker it will continue with more news from the paddock in the coming hours!

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Hamilton also wants to continue on his knee

Also this year there will be a gathering of Formula 1 drivers before the start of the race in order to position themselves against racism. Lewis Hamilton makes it clear that he will continue to get on his knee. This is important to make people aware of the problem.

5:03 p.m.

Mercedes drivers feel well prepared

We have arrived at the world championship team. Hamilton explains that you are as well prepared as you can get with just three days of testing. He goes “positive” into the weekend. Bottas sees it similarly. They tried to get the most out of the test. After a difficult first day, days two and three were “productive”. Everyone in the team would have worked hard. You have to wait for everything else.

4:55 pm

Perez: Positive competition in the team

The two Red Bull drivers do not believe that there will be internal tensions this year. Perez explains that he wants to beat Verstappen – and vice versa. But that is not a problem and even positive, because this competition pushes the whole team forward. He does not expect any difficulties in the garage.

4:49 pm

Why doesn’t anyone want to be a favorite?

This question is also played out in the PK in Verstappen. According to Red Bull, Mercedes is still the favorite, and they claim that they are not as fast as the cops. What is this posture? “Because it just doesn’t matter,” Verstappen shrugs. It’s about delivering on the route. Everything else is a distraction.

4:44 pm

Verstappen: Red Bull better positioned than 2020

The Dutchman explains that Red Bull is better prepared than last year. They were very satisfied with the test. He positively emphasizes that the new car is very stable. Even different conditions would not have thrown the RB16B off track. But he doesn’t want to predict whether that’s enough to challenge Mercedes this year. I’ll see that.

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Vettel’s car has a name!

The four-time world champion regularly gives his cars a (female) name. He did that again in 2021. His new Aston Martin is called “Honey Ryder” this year. A tribute to the Bond girl from the first James Bond film from 1962.

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4:29 pm

Ricciardo doesn’t expect any big surprises

The Australian does not believe that there will be any major shifts in the Formula 1 field in 2021. The cars are just an evolution of their predecessors. So everyone has a rough idea of ​​where they stand. With a grin, he adds that things will look very different in 2022. The new regulations could then shake up the field quite a bit. That is unlikely to happen in 2021.

4:24 pm

Ricciardo and Norris confident

We have already reached the three best teams of the previous year in the PK. It continues with McLaren. Ricciardo explains that he has got used to the team well and that he is “ready” for the season. Team-mate Norris adds that he is even more confident than before the 2020 season. That is quite normal because you have more experience every year. In addition, McLaren always looked strong in Bahrain.

4:15 p.m.

Vettel: Stroll is not his main opponent

The four-time world champion is asked whether he has a disadvantage internally in the first races because he does not yet know the car and the team as well as his team-mate. He makes it clear that it doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t primarily drive against Stroll but against the entire field. Above all, he wants to work well with his teammate.

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Vettel’s goal: “Win all races!”

The German jokes when asked about his goal for the season for 2021. “Win all races!” He grins. But you have to be realistic, he adds seriously. Mercedes and Red Bull are the favorites, and it will be very close behind them. And Aston Martin will probably also be in this group this year.

4:05 pm

Vettel “pretty relaxed” before the start

The German feels “not so badly” prepared – although he could not drive as much as hoped in the test. But he makes it clear that probably no team drove as much as one would have wished. It is important that he quickly felt comfortable in the car. There are still things that he has to get used to. But that will come by itself in time. That’s why he is “pretty relaxed”.

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