Planica – Ex-ÖSV trainer Pointner on Tande’s horror fall: “This is the danger of ski flying”

“That is the danger of ski flying,” said the 50-year-old in an exclusive conversation with and added with regard to the other competitions in Planica this weekend: “There were no dangerous weather conditions and the hill was in perfect condition. Of course, I can only judge it from a distance, but you could not see any defects, so mine exists In my opinion there is no need for action. “

Tande had lost control of his left ski in the trial run on Thursday immediately after the jump, whereupon he hit the slope violently from a great height and slipped motionless into the run.

The 27-year-old first had to be ventilated mechanically by intubation before he could be brought to the University Clinic in Ljubljana. According to the attending physicians, the condition of the Norwegian is stable, but as a precaution he was put into an artificial coma until Friday.


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“I wish Tande from the bottom of my heart that the injuries are not too serious and that he will get well again as soon as possible,” Pointner sent well wishes to the 2018 ski flying world champion.

Pointner: Ski flying is much more dangerous than ski jumping

Nevertheless, any incidents like the one in Planica in such a risky sport are by no means surprising, as the Eurosport expert made clear.

“Ski flying is always associated with a certain risk. Mistakes have a more serious effect than with ski jumping due to higher speeds, stronger air forces and higher flight curves. The dangers are particularly visible when one of the best in his sport, like Tande, falls,” explained Pointner, who sees a positive development in ski jumping, although:

“Basically, our sport has developed in a very good direction over the years as far as aviation safety is concerned. A certain residual risk can never be ruled out with ski flying, especially in the sensitive phase between jump and flight. The danger of serious ones Of course, falls are also exposed to other sports in which enormous forces are released at high speeds. Ski flying can look so easy and aesthetic, but if mistakes happen, it can end dramatically. “

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