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After the sensational World Ski Championships in Cortina, Katharina Liensberger is back in Ländle.

Double world champion Katharina Liensberger is back in Ländle after her success and was a guest in “Vorarlberg live” on Monday.

Katharina Liensberger came back to Ländle from the World Ski Championships in Cortina with three medals – two gold, one bronze. She has not yet fully worked through the success, but she is grateful and happy. “I am very happy that it is the way it is and that I am where I am,” said the patron in the “Vorarlberg live” interview on Monday.

It is very nice to get a medal on, but much more important for her is the story behind it, “what you did for it and what made it all possible.” She herself would not describe the path to the medal as “hard”, “if you enjoy doing something, hard is not the right word”. She only did her job, according to the modest double world champion.

World Cup participation as a goal

Even if her World Championship program with the slalom was actually over on Saturday, she watched the men’s race on Sunday – all 100 runners in the first round. For many of these athletes, some of whom come from exotic countries, participating in the World Cup is already a goal that has been achieved. “In Austria we can’t even imagine something like that.”

For the double world champion, the World Cup continues. Training sessions are scheduled in Lech on Thursday and Friday, and the next races will be on 6/7. March on the program. Despite the medals, my goals have not changed – “I just want to ski fast”.

In addition to Katharina Liensberger, Member of the State Parliament Eva Hammerer and the Mayor of Bludenz Simon Tschann were guests in “Vorarlberg live”.


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