After leaving the EPP: Orban wants to gather right forces around him

“Now it is a matter of building European democratic rights without the EPP,” the right-wing politician wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday. “The EPP has finally become an appendage to the European left.”

The EPP Group adopted new rules of procedure on Wednesday that should have allowed Fidesz membership to be suspended. Orban anticipated a suspension by declaring that Fidesz MPs would leave the EPP Group immediately after the vote. 84 percent of the parliamentary group members voted for the new rules of procedure.

The end of Fidesz membership in the bourgeois parliamentary group of the European Parliament marked the end of a year-long dispute. In the EPP, the dismantling of democracy and the rule of law in Hungary met with criticism, as did Orban’s campaigns against EPP politicians who displeased him. In 2019, the EPP as a party suspended Fidesz membership. The Fidesz group in the EPP Group was not affected.

The new right will offer “a home for all European citizens who do not want migrants, who do not want multiculturalism, who are not addicted to the LGBT craze, who protect Christian traditions, who respect national sovereignty and their nations not as part of their past, but rather.” as part of their future, “Orban wrote on Thursday.

His Facebook posting did not mention whether and in what form he wants to work with forces on the right of the EPP. In the European Parliament, these include the right-wing national EKR and the group ID, which is still further to the right, to which the FP also belongs.


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