Biden wants 200 million vaccinations in the first hundred days

Dhe American President Joe Biden has doubled his target for the ongoing corona vaccination campaign in the United States: 200 million vaccinations are to be given in the first hundred days of his term in office. This is an ambitious but achievable goal, Biden said on Thursday at his first formal press conference at the White House. “I think we can do it.”

Before taking office on January 20, Biden had promised that at least 100 million vaccinations would be given in his first hundred days as president. The goal was achieved at the end of last week, after almost 60 days in office. No other country in the world has given as many vaccinations as the United States, Biden said. His new goal should be achieved by around mid-April.

After a slow start, the vaccination campaign in the United States quickly picked up speed. According to the CDC health authority, 130 million vaccinations have been given since mid-December – 115 million of them during Biden’s tenure alone. Currently, between two and three million vaccine doses are administered daily: Biden’s goal of 200 million vaccinations by mid-April is therefore an ambitious one.

So far, according to the CDC, a good 85 million people in the United States have received at least the first dose, and 46.3 million are already fully vaccinated. In the United States, the Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer vaccines are used, which use two doses, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is fully effective after just one dose. The Biontech / Pfizer vaccine can be injected in the United States from the age of 16. Biden’s government has promised to have enough vaccine for all of the roughly 260 million adults in the country by the end of May. The United States has a total of around 330 million people.

“My plan is to run for re-election”

The American president also spoke at the press conference on soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. He does not expect American troops to be stationed in Afghanistan in the coming year: “I cannot imagine that that will be the case.” May, however, Biden said: “It will be difficult to meet the deadline of May 1st.”

When asked about his plans for the 2024 presidential election, Biden replied that he wanted to run again. “The answer is yes, my plan is to run for re-election, that’s my expectation.” But he was not someone who presumed to be able to make plans so far in advance, said the 78-year-old Democrat. His aim is to improve the lives of Americans step by step. When asked whether he wanted to run again with his deputy Kamala Harris as a runner-up candidate, Biden said that he was assuming that too. “She is a great partner.”

Biden rejected allegations related to the increasing number of migrants on the southern border of the United States. Instead, he made allegations against his predecessor Donald Trump. Biden criticized that the Republican had dismantled important parts of the American asylum system, for example with regard to the number of beds for unaccompanied minor migrants. The Democrat added that the number of migrants, especially from Central America on the United States’ southern border, is increasing every year around this time – and not because he is a “nice guy”.


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