Draghi wants to speed up vaccinations in Italy

The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi presented its government program in the Senate on Wednesday. In a speech in front of the smaller of the two chambers of parliament, Draghi called on the parties to unite in the fight against the pandemic and the economic crisis.

The broad coalition that his cabinet supports is an expression of the “sense of responsibility of the parties” which, in the interests of the country, are prepared to forego rivalries in order to work together constructively. “This government emerges in a state of emergency. We are citizens of a nation that calls on us not to waste time fighting the pandemic.”

The ex-head of the European Central Bank (ECB) emphasized that Italy wanted to work for an increasingly integrated Europe. “We have to be proud of Italy’s contribution to the EU. Without Italy there is no Europe. There is no sovereignty in isolation.”

The new government wants to work to accelerate the vaccination campaign. Draghi advocated a return of the students to face-to-face teaching and an extension of the school year to make up for lost lessons.


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