Four communities are to be sealed off «

Six cases of the South African coronavirus variant were confirmed in South Tyrol this week.

6:57 p.m., February 17, 2021

The country is now responding with strict measures, with four municipalities being largely cordoned off. The second largest city in the country, Merano, is also affected. Leaving and entering the community will only be allowed in absolutely necessary cases. Affected persons must show a PCR or antigen test, which must not be older than 72 hours.

However, passage through these communities should be allowed. Otherwise the Ultental and the Passeier Valley would be cut off from the outside world and thus no longer accessible.

The state government dealt with the problem immediately on Tuesday, and Governor Arno Kompatscher (SVP) is expected to issue a corresponding decree on Wednesday, which will come into force on Thursday. The schools in the affected communities of Meran, St. Pankraz, Riffian and Moos in Passeier will remain closed for another two weeks and students need distance learning.

In the rest of the country too, schools will start distance learning after the holidays. This was intended as a precaution, it said. This week the students are still in the semester break.

Additional mobile test stations are to be set up in the four affected communities. However, not all municipalities can do this by Thursday. In Riffian, this service can only be offered on Friday, confirmed Mayor Franz Pixner. The time is just too short.

In the four municipalities, hairdressers and cosmetic studios are also to be closed, work on construction sites is only allowed if these are urgent and industrial companies must also close if they are not required for supplies.

If you are with you Cold symptoms notice, then the following applies first: stay at home and avoid contact with other people!
If you also have a fever or if the condition worsens, it should Health phone 1450 to be called. At general questions please choose the Infoline Coronavirus der AGES: 0800 555 621 .
The angel number 1450 is only for people with ailments! The following applies: Always inquire by phone first, never go to a doctor’s practice or hospital independently with a suspected corona!
noticed symptoms such as fever or cough within 14 days:
always report by phone first! In no case just drive to the family doctor or to the hospital!
First contact your family doctor by phone or call the health number 1450, there is also a special one Coronavirus hotline (Tel. 0800 555 621).

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