Georgia’s Prime Minister Gacharia resigns – Domestic political crisis

In the South Caucasus Republic of Georgia, the domestic political crisis is worsening after the parliamentary elections overshadowed by allegations of manipulation. On Thursday, Prime Minister Giorgi Gacharia resigned after just two months in office. “I have decided to vacate my post,” said the 45-year-old in the capital Tbilisi, according to Georgian media. He wanted to prevent a further polarization of the political landscape in Georgia.

That is a danger to the country. The background to this is a court decision on Wednesday according to which the opposition politician Nika Melia is to be taken into custody by the United National Movement. More than 200 supporters were reportedly in the party’s headquarters to avoid arrest. After Gacharia’s resignation, the country’s interior ministry said that the court’s decision should now be enforced at a later date.

Melia belongs to the party of former President Mikheil Saakashvili, who was sentenced to several years in prison for abuse of office after being voted out of office in 2013. Melia is accused of being behind the attempted storming of parliament in June 2019. He said on Thursday: “We are ready to sit down at the negotiating table with the authorities in the presence of international partners and to discuss the question of new parliamentary elections.”

Opposition boycotted

Since the parliamentary elections at the end of October, the opposition has boycotted the work of the new parliament of the ex-Soviet republic. She thinks the vote is fake. In the election, the ruling Georgian Dream party emerged victorious again and rejected a new vote. Since then there have been repeated mass protests. Georgischer Traum was founded by billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili. The ex-prime minister has long since ceased to function in government and is currently no longer party leader, but should continue to play a key role in Georgian politics. (apa)

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