Schramböck urges faster vaccination approval – Coronavirus –

Schramböck urges

Economics Minister Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP) has “zero understanding” for the approach taken by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on the occasion of the US manufacturer Johnson & Johnson’s application for approval for its vaccine. “The fact that a decision on the approval of a vaccine takes a month is far too slow in the current situation. It has to be faster,” said the minister. Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) did not agree.

The responsible head of department sees it as an advantage that the EMA is a strict control authority in Europe. So you can be sure that every approved vaccine is an excellent one. Johnson & Johnson sees Anschober as an absolute factor of hope and he is also sure that it will be approved in Austria in a few weeks. The minister once again broke a lance for AstraZeneca. In view of the skepticism about this vaccine, he reminded how many did not want to be vaccinated with Biontech-Pfizer in December because a new technology was used.

Schramböck is significantly less satisfied with the current situation. Compared to the USA and Great Britain, the EU acts like a “lame duck”: “This has been demonstrated on the one hand in the procurement of vaccines and on the other hand through slow approval by the EMA. Now is not the time for bureaucracy , Awkwardness and zero flexibility. In the fight against the pandemic, every day counts. And every day that we lose through bureaucratic processes costs human lives and lets us fall further economically, “said Schramböck.


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