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Pope Francis sent an encouraging video message to kick off a two-day online Vatican conference on Church and Music.

3:30 p.m., February 4, 2021


In a video message, Pope Francis encourages artists from the music industry in particular: “I hope that this aspect of our social life will also be revived, that music will be played together again and that music and singing will be enjoyed”. The occasion of the message is the start of a two-day online conference of the Vatican on the subject of church and music.

In his video message, Pope Francis paid tribute to many artists from the field of church music. The musical legacy of the church is diverse and important not only for the liturgy, but also enriches it in leisure time, for example at concerts. Spiritual music can also play an important role in catechesis and in schools, reported Vatican Radio.

“However, we know that since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, activities in the music sector have been severely restricted. I think of everyone who has felt this: musicians whose lives and work have been shaken by the need for distance; I also think of everyone, who have lost their job; to all those who lack social contacts; to all who, under difficult conditions, contribute to the necessary formation, education and community life “, said the Holy Father.

Many have made “significant efforts” to find new ways to continue making music with new creativity despite everything – also for an audience beyond churchgoers, the Pope said. He also did not forget all those who work in the background, such as ushers at concerts, in short: all those who are active “for music in the service of the community”.

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